The Huskita (Akita Husky Mix)

Akita Husky Mix

The Akita Husky Mix is a large to a giant mixed breed of dog also called the Huskita. This dog is a mix between an Akita and a Siberian Husky and has a very stature, stout, with sturdy legs and a curly, bushy tail. His head and the jaws are strong, while the muzzle is short, ending in a rounded black nose. The eyes are medium-sized oval shaped and distinct ears are triangular and stand erect, known to be very loyal to their families.

The Akita Husky Mix also has a double coat that is short to medium in length, straight and rough in texture. Both the Akita and the Siberian Husky have a large variety of coat colors and both breeds share a lot of the same colors and coat patterns.

These means the Akita Husky Mix can display a wide variety of coat color combinations including white, black, brown, gray, red, agouti, silver, sable, and fawn. There is also the possibility of pinto, black, and/or a white mask, as well as black and/or white markings that are common to both parent breeds.

The Akita Husky Mix have a soft and dense undercoat that sheds nearly completely in warm seasons. The coat can be dense, harsh, thick and water-repellent. Overall, this dog has a friendly and curious expression that is emphasized by their wedge-shaped eyes as well as heavy brows. They also have oval feet and the medium size that are heavily padded for outdoor activities.

The Akita Husky Mix is a common hybrid that has likely been bred since the late 1900s when both Siberian Husky and Akita were relatively popular in the United States. However, Huskita standard is not stabilized and the breed is not recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC) roster of purebreds.

Like other mixed dogs, the Akita Husky Mix will inherit characteristics from both moms and dads but not all Huskita will inherit the same characteristics. Some Huskita will display more Akita characteristics while others may have more Siberian husky characteristics.

The Siberian husky and Akita dog are large size powerful dog breed. Both breeds have similar sizes and build which will likely be inherited by their offspring. Because of this, the Akita Husky Mix will be a large and very strong dog breed.

The Akita is a large dog breed originating from the mountainous northern regions of Japan as well as were originally bred for hunting large animals. The Siberian Husky is a large size working dog breed that came from Northeast Asia. Therefore, it is recommended to thoroughly research both the Akita and the Siberian husky.

The Akita Husky Mix inherit the hunting instincts from the Siberian husky parent along with the protective nature from the Akita. It is highly energetic, loyal, playful, but also an affectionate animal that is alert, ready to protect your family. As a result, become visible an excellent watchdog, however, they do best in a one pet per home.

While the Akita Husky Mix strong-willed, independence, and physical strength, it is not recommended for first-time owners and will mean devoting yourself to his exercise and grooming and training needs. The important things are that Huskita is quite hard to be trained, so you will need some serious written works to read ahead of time or during your training period.

The Akita Husky Mix is very sociable around those they know, however, are not immediately trusting of strange humans and animals. Consequently, Huskita can be wary of strangers and other dogs especially small ones in the beginning. If trained and socialized well, this dog breed will become a great companion for your children and other pet. Owners can encourage this dog breed to be friendly by socializing them at an early age.

The Akita Husky Mix is a large size dog breed with a height of 22 to 26 inches (55 to 66 cm). The weight standing is 70 to 120 pounds (32 to 54 kg) but is mostly depending on the diet. The average lifespan of this dog breed is 10 to 13 years but this depends on your dog’s overall wellness and health.


How to Take Care of Huskita (Akita Husky Mix)?

How to Take Care of Huskita (Akita Husky Mix)

The Akita Husky Mix is a large powerful dog breed and needs a lot of physical exercise and training. If you have a hard time to get some extra time to walk, jog your dog or allow it to get the necessary exercise needs, then this is not the dog pet for you. If you have a puppy, then you will need to take care of your puppy nutrition, entertainment, grooming, and health requirements.

Training and Exercise Needs

Since both parent breeds are very active dogs, the Akita Husky Mix need energetic exercise schedules on a daily basis for at least 2 hours. A simple walk or quick jog will not suffice. They love long runs and hikes and must need to get about 45 to 90 minutes of such exercise daily. It’s very important that you educate your dog what’s socially acceptable behavior. Allow your dog play in the yard or with you in the dog park, but make sure it is leashed when going to a dog park.

Teaching your Akita Husky Mix the follow-me command is necessary to induce a sense of obedience to it. Ask it to follow your footsteps whenever no matter indoor or outdoor. The basic stuff like sit, down, stand, stay, drop it and very importantly the recall command. Obedience classes also sound good.


The dense coat of Akita Husky Mix sheds quite less, thus use a brush to comb the fur 3 to 4 times a week to sweep out dead hairs and protect its natural oil. You can also use dry dog shampoo to make sure cleanliness. Bathe it only when necessary and clip his long nails using the correct tools. Sometimes clean his eyes and ears to avoid infections.

Fortunately is that Akita Husky Mix will likely inherit the self-grooming habits of their moms and dad. They will take the time to clean themselves just like the way cats do. They just need to be bathed once every 3 months as bathing them too often can strip their fur of natural protective oils.


Because of the amount of exercise, the Akita Husky Mix has during the day and to maintain his muscular build in shape. As a large dog, they require 3 cups of high-quality dog food. Make sure the commercial food has all the important nutrients in it. Just like all dog breeds, avoid feeding chocolate, garlic, raisins, grapes, and onions, as these are poisonous to dogs.

It’s ideal to break these down into 1 cup meals, 3 times a day. The Akita Husky Mix should be fed once in the morning, once at noon and once at night. If Huskita has a particularly active day, after that you can increase his food once again.

Temperature Range

The Akita Husky Mix can acclimate to any climate, but they prefer cooler temperatures because of his double coats. Both moms and dad prefer cold to warm so if your home often exceeds 70°F, it may be too warm for this dog breed. It’s important to keep in mind that affection and quality time indoors is also essential for this dog breed mental and emotional health.


Health Concerns of Huskita (Akita Husky Mix)

Health Concerns of Huskita (Akita Husky Mix)

The Akita Husky Mix is a relatively new hybrid breed, there aren’t necessarily chronic health conditions particularly determined to the dog. However, this dog breed can be prone to some health conditions that can take place in its parents. Being a hybrid dog, the Huskita will have more genetic diversity than purebred making them a relatively healthy dog.

Because of their large size, they might develop certain issues related to bones, some of the more common conditions that can be found among Akita and Siberian husky include Hypothyroidism, eye problems, obesity, bloating, SA and hip dysplasia. Ask for the parent’s health clearances from the breeder before buying the Akita Husky Mix.

  • Exercise and proper nutrition – are essential to maintaining good joint health.
  • Hip dysplasia – This is a condition that leads to an unstable or loose joint. This could be helped by maintaining a healthy weight in your dog, so as not to put stress on their joints.
  • Take your Akita husky mix to a veterinarian – a minimum of yearly and follow the vet recommendations in terms of nutrition.


How Much Do Huskita (Akita Husky Mix) Puppy Cost?

How Much Do Huskita (Akita Husky Mix) Puppy Cost

As a result of the fact that both the Siberian Husky and the Akita are dog breeds of great classical times, the Akita Husky Mix puppy can cost around $750 to $1,200. At the moment but these prices can vary depending on where they live, health and age of the puppy, how reputable the breeder is, how trendy this mixed breed is and what is offered with the puppy. The Akita Husky Mix is a common crossbreed, however, cost shouldn’t vary too much.

Medical costs of Akita Husky Mix, you might need to cover if the breeder does not are neutering, deworming, microchipping, blood tests, and shots which will be $300 to $350. You will also need basics that include a collar, leash, and crate which will cost $150 to $200.

Recurring costs yearly for medical things like vaccinations, checkups, flea prevention, and pet insurance come to $450 to $600 and for non-medical things like a license, training, toys, food, and treats come to $500 to $600 a year. Husky MixPuppies & DogsAkita Husky Mix,Health Concerns of Huskita (Akita Husky Mix),How Much Do Huskita (Akita Husky Mix) Puppy Cost?,How to Take Care of Huskita (Akita Husky Mix)?The Huskita (Akita Husky Mix) The Akita Husky Mix is a large to a giant mixed breed of dog also called the Huskita. This dog is a mix between an Akita and a Siberian Husky and has a very stature, stout, with sturdy legs and a curly, bushy tail. His...It's all about things you do not know about monkey, eagles, guinea pig, puppies and many more.