The Miniature German Shepherd Dog

Miniature German Shepherd

The Miniature German Shepherd typically is an athletic breed that is smaller sized than the standard German Shepherd. It has a full chest, strong and a balanced front and rear and straight forelegs. It has a proportional head and tapering muzzle. Besides herding, they are also very good at working as guard dogs, rescue and search dogs and therapy work.

If you are trying to find a family dog that will be loyal, devoted, good with kids, good-natured, a good companion and good guard dog the Miniature German Shepherd is certainly a good option.

The Miniature German Shepherd: Is It really a different breed? From time to time, we hear mention of a dog called the Miniature German Shepherd. There is a lot of confusion when it comes to the Miniature German Shepherd dog that has the very same coloring and feature of a full-grown German shepherd and very popular variety. Lots of think that it is just a smaller sized version of a standard German shepherd dog.

However, did you know that this dog actually isn’t a German Shepherd at all? If there are any small full bred German Shepherds, it means that they suffer from dwarfism, and this is really quite rare. This just is not true. Actually, it’s a mix of 2 different breeds.

The German Shepherds are often sold as small-sized versions of dogs of the full-grown breed they are typically falsely marketed because Miniature German Shepherds do exist they are not full breed German Shepherds dog.

The Miniature German Shepherd dog

The origin of this false breed likely comes from the world of cross-breeding. Lots of breeders just want to cash in on the micro mini-fad cross, which is commonly a mixture of a German shepherd with another dog breed such as the Border collie, Poodle, huskies and fox terriers to create a Miniature German Shepherd dog.

Border collies, fox terriers, and huskies are commonly bred with these dogs but in theory, breeders can end up with all type of offspring if a German Shepherd Dog breed with a smaller sized lap dog.

While there is nothing wrong with cross breeding 2 different dogs and offering their offspring. It’s just good business practice, to be truthful to your customers and let them know what they are actually buying.


Temperament of a Miniature German Shepherd

Temperament of a Miniature German Shepherd

When it comes to identifying the temperament of a Miniature German Shepherd, there is no specific way for one to go about doing this, primarily because this Miniature German Shepherd dog is a cross-breeding, there is a possibility that a dog can inherit their temperament from either moms and dad.

Generally, a Miniature German Shepherd is a herding dog that is intelligent and smart, loyal to its owner and has a willingness to feel happy. They are very good at fast learners and obedience training. They typically make the best family pet and have a well-adjusted behavior. They are great companion dogs as they can revealing deep emotion and empathy to their family and owner.

The best way for anyone wishing to add a Miniature German Shepherd dog to their family and needing to know what their temperament resembles is to have a look at the temperaments of a purebred German Shepherd Dog. And the temperaments of either Collie, Poodle and fox terriers dog, depending on which of the latter 2 the purebred German Shepherd is mixed with so as to create a Miniature German Shepherd.

This is also really hard to determine since you are breeding a variety of 2 different purebred dogs. Similar to people there could be some good and bad. However, just like with any dog, aggression could be a problem, if the owner does not properly interact socially the Miniature German Shepherd at a young age.

Even Miniature German Shepherd that come from the same moms and dad might have individual temperaments and personalities. Learn more about your future Miniature German Shepherd puppy by visiting the breeder or a shelter often to guarantee you will be bringing home a Miniature German Shepherd dog that is best suited for you and your family. 

So to help your new Miniature German Shepherd puppy become a happy and loving pet dog, make sure to spend a long time with them. Anytime possible, take your Miniature German Shepherd dog to a dog park or over to a next-door neighbor who also has pet dogs and allow them to get used to being around both people and other dogs.


How to Buy Miniature German Shepherd Puppies?

How to Buy Miniature German Shepherd Puppies

When you know the prospective pros and cons of going for 1 of 3 Miniature German Shepherd crosses, it is time to decide if you want to get a Miniature German Shepherd puppy or not. The first thing to do is to find a breeder that you can meet face to face where you can really see the Miniature German Shepherd puppies that are for sale.

If you do decide to buy from a breeder, there is the added discussion of the Miniature German Shepherd price. Check to see how much the Miniature German Shepherd dogs are being sold and if the price looks like high, why they are opting for high-priced. An expensively-priced Miniature German Shepherd dog is not always the best choice if it is sold under false pretenses.

See if you can arrange to see the pups with their moms and dads and the rest of the puppies so that you can inspect to see if they become part of a healthy litter and get to know more about their families genes. Make sure you ask the questions related to the Miniature German Shepherd dog that you might decide to accept into your family.

Talk with the breeder and see how truthful they are willing to be about who the moms and dads are, how many breeds are involved in the dog’s heredity, are there any known temperament issues or health conditions, is there a health guarantee, do they supply vet approval of health papers and how many litters has the mom had in her a very long time.

If the breeder is accepting and provides information about the health and DNA line details you probably have a good breeder. If it is a pure breed, ask why it is so small sized. If they are truthful about it being a hybrid, ask about the likely characteristics. While Miniature German Shepherd is adorable, keep in mind that they can have a variety of characteristics that are a result of their DNA.

The majority of German Shepherd Dog is easily trainable because of their high intelligence, the same result is not ensured in a Miniature German Shepherd. Lastly, give the puppy a good check to see if there are any clear health issue. This can help you to rule out the dwarfism and runt of the litter problems.


What Are German Shepherds Used For?

Miniature German Shepherd

The German Shepherd Dog is a breed of large-sized dog that came from Germany in 1899. As a part of the Herding Group, German Shepherds Dog is working dogs developed initially for herding and guarding sheep. Due to the fact that of their abilities, intelligence and strength in obedience training they are often employed in police and military roles all over the world.

The German Shepherd Dog is among America’s most popular dog breeds for good reason. He’s an intelligent, smart and capable working dog. His courage and devotion are unmatched. And he’s incredibly versatile, excelling at a lot of anything he’s trained to do: assistance work and guide for the military service, police and handicapped, herding, rescue and search, competitive obedience, drug detection and, lastly loyal companion.

Other names for the German Shepherd Dog:

  • GSD
  • Berger Allemand
  • Schäferhund
  • Deutscher Schäferhund
  • Alsatian

Are German Shepherds Dog really smart? German Shepherds Dog is smart, active dogs who will do best with smart, active owners able to give them concentrated attention, training, exercise, and great deals of one-on-one time. There are few dog breeds whose fans do not refer to as the intelligent, but when it comes to of the German Shepherd Dog, that’s most likely an understatement. German ShepherdPuppies & DogsShepherdHow to Buy Miniature German Shepherd Puppies?,Miniature German Shepherd,Temperament of a Miniature German Shepherd,What Are German Shepherds Used For?The Miniature German Shepherd Dog The Miniature German Shepherd typically is an athletic breed that is smaller sized than the standard German Shepherd. It has a full chest, strong and a balanced front and rear and straight forelegs. It has a proportional head and tapering muzzle. Besides herding, they are also very...It's all about things you do not know about monkey, eagles, guinea pig, puppies and many more.