The Exotic Of Red Dragon Flowerhorn Fish

red dragon flowerhorn

The Red Dragon Flowerhorn fish is a hybrid, also known as Flowerhorn Cichlid with the Chinese usual name called Hua Luo Han. If your hobby is caring for exotic fish, maybe you have heard about the Red Dragon Flowerhorn fish. Just like other flowerhorn cichlids belonging to the Zhen Zhou (pearl flowerhorn) category, the Red Dragon Flowerhorn is unbelievable very easy to enhance and take care of. If you are a beginner in this hobby, I suggest keeping this type or any type belonging to the Zhen Zhou category.

The 4 main types are Golden Monkey, Kamfa, Zhen Zhu, and Faders or Golden Base. Different types exist within these species and one of the most famous species is called the Red Dragon Flowerhorn.

The Red Dragon Flowerhorn has a big red hump on his head called a Kok. The bigger the Kok the more the fish is worth. They were artificially bred by hobbyists in Malaysia and Taiwan, and valued among geomancy followers who believe the hump on their head and their long tail are fortunate. The color of this flowerhorn is absolutely stunning.

Females Red Dragon Flowerhorn will most likely show little to no color and Males will develop to various degrees of color and head hump size. For most breeds, the males generally have longer anal fin and dorsal fin, whereas females have black dots on their dorsal fins. Females tend to have an orange belly, particularly when ready to breed.

All Flower Horn Fish are born grey with black eyes. They will not start getting any of their coloration, pattern and red eyes until they are at least 3 inches (7.6 cm). Most Flowerhorn will not have their full coloration, pattern and red eyes up until they are mature at approximately 8 – 10 inches (20 – 25 cm).

The lifespan of an average Red Dragon Flowerhorn can last for approximately 12 years. Once more, their lifespan is nearly in the middle of the average lifespan of other fish that are kept as a pet. Typically, the lifespan is approximately 8 – 10 years. Obviously, that will still depend on how well they are cared for and the condition of their environment.


How To Take Care Of Red Dragon Flowerhorn?

How To Take Care Of Red Dragon Flowerhorn

Do you know how to take care of Red Dragon Flowerhorn Fish? Red Dragon Flowerhorn care is very easy because the fish isn’t really demanding and it’s an enduring one. This flowerhorn fish is very delicate fish should keep the fish tank very well, be careful while changing water or adding any new decorative in an aquarium. Before you purchase a Red Dragon Flowerhorn there are some things you should remember.

Adult Red Dragon Flowerhorn requires a 70-gallon tank. These provide ideal ammonia level, secure water temperature and comfortable space for the flowerhorn to swim around. Juvenile flowerhorn is much better in a 30-gallon tank, but a lot of breeders put them right into a 70-gallon tank to conserve their fish from the stress of needing to move into a new environment.  

For 55-gallon fish tanks or less, a minimum of 25% water change should be carried out weekly. New water that would be added to the fish tank must be treated with some type of water conditioner, such as StartRight, Stress Coat, and so on, to remove chlorine and other toxic chemicals or heavy metals that would come with the water.

The Red Dragon Flowerhorn fish is very aggressive as well as territory-dependent, so it’s preferable to keep the fish alone in an aquarium without any tankmates and even plants. This flowerhorn is so aggressive, that it bites or attacks its owner’s hand while maintaining or feeding the aquarium.

Red Dragon Flowerhorn fish is hardy and take a very wide range of conditions, however, these fish still need a good tank set up. Flowerhorn likes eating the tank plants and digging tank bottom, so you aren’t likely to create some type of nice aquascape with plants. Because of the fish size, it’s suggested to put rocks, snags as well as other tank decorations directly on an aquarium bottom, not on a substrate.

The water should mimic the temperature of tropical waters as well. Before purchasing, it is suggested to check the Red Dragon Flowerhorn to see if it has any visible marks to make you suspect disease. The temperature of the water also needs to be considered. We recommend the water temperature at 80°F – 85°F (28°C – 30°C), the pH-value at 7.4 – 8.0.


What do Red Dragon Flowerhorn Fish Eat?

What do Red Dragon Flowerhorn Fish Eat

The Red Dragon Flowerhorn fish is carnivorous fish with a large appetite and very easy to underfeed. They need to be fed 2 times daily so as to stay healthy. You could use the dry pellet with the highest quality. It will provide the superb nutrition for the fish. All cichlid fish benefit from vitamins and supplements added to their foods. Also Flowerhorn fish needs some plant enhancements to the diet or some feed based on spirulina.

To make sure your Red Dragon Flowerhorn develops its attractive head hump, it needs to be correctly fed. Lots of flowerhorn food brands promise that they will make your fish head hump grow bigger, however in most cases, these only have color enhancers and other perhaps dangerous ingredients that can affect the health of your fish. Ideally, you need to find food that is suitable for the size of your fish, doesn’t cloud the aquarium, and has a minimum of 40% of proteins.

Feeding live food is good as it is a nice source of protein. It will gladly feed on Small Fish, earthworms, Shrimps or mosquito larvae, tinned peas, algae, bloodworms are some of the live food for Red Dragon Flowerhorn. Feeding once a while greats to feed however never feed continuously live food as it spoils your fish’s health.

Both live and frozen food could pollute the water, so make sure that Red Dragon Flowerhorn eats all the given food in 5 mins maximum, in case of rests remove them quickly because of this, it is better to have a tank set up that allows you to clean quickly without having to move objects. Do not let the feel overfeed since it can make the water easy to look unclean or make the fish dead. The Flowerhorn could be stressed because of lots of factors such as the tank size, food, water, and others.


The Breeding Of Red Dragon Flowerhorn Fish

The Breeding Of Red Dragon Flowerhorn Fish

The Red Dragon Flowerhorn breeding is quite easy, quite alike with other large South American cichlids breeding. Especially when they have reached the length of 3.94 to 4.72 inches (10 – 12 cm). The anal pore of the fish has a U shape in case of females and V shape in case of males. Furthermore, females tend to have a smaller hump when grownups. Below is an easy way to identify the sex of your flowerhorn.

red dragon flowerhorn sex

The first thing to do is pick the pair you would wish to breed. After that, you will need to put them in an aquarium that is big enough to hold both of them with a transparent partition in between. Since the fish breeds in the same aquarium where it lives and the biggest trouble are to conserve the female from the male attacks. After you see the Red Dragon Flowerhorn is ready to mate, you should remove the partition without disturbing them. The fish might fight when they do not mate. You need to move the female to avoid this problem.

Quite often the female Red Dragon Flowerhorn isn’t really ready for spawning, however, the male starts haunting and attacking her. They have to be seen carefully, especially the male, as they are very aggressive. One more way is to split the tank into 2 parts using a net, so the female is risk-free and the sight of other fish stimulates the start of spawning.

Also, can place a big flat rock near the net and remove all other objects where she could spawn from the female Red Dragon Flowerhorn side of the aquarium. When female lays the eggs on this big flat rock, it is then removed to the male area of the tank and the water flow is directed on the big flat rock so the male could fertilize the eggs.

When the female Red Dragon Flowerhorn contains the eggs, you need to move the female to the other aquarium with the right filtration. You need to avoid the eggs to be sucked by the filtration. After 3 or 4 days the fry hatch and parents care for them moving in more safe and secure hiding places. You could feed them with only hatched brine shrimps and various other specific food for fry. FishRed Dragon FlowerhornUnderwater AnimalsHow To Take Care Of Red Dragon Flowerhorn?,Red Dragon Flowerhorn,The Breeding Of Red Dragon Flowerhorn Fish,What do Red Dragon Flowerhorn Fish Eat?The Exotic Of Red Dragon Flowerhorn Fish The Red Dragon Flowerhorn fish is a hybrid, also known as Flowerhorn Cichlid with the Chinese usual name called Hua Luo Han. If your hobby is caring for exotic fish, maybe you have heard about the Red Dragon Flowerhorn fish. Just like other...It's all about things you do not know about monkey, eagles, guinea pig, puppies and many more.