The Lovely Rex Guinea Pig

rex guinea pig

The Rex Guinea Pig has a wide head as well as a short face. The eyes are brilliant and also quite big. The ears are petal shaped as well as droop and their bodies are fairly long. This species has a distinctive curly coat.

The Rex Guinea Pig is a little domestic cavy with a dense, coarse wool coat made up of twisted hairs. They whiskers have the very same texture as the fur and also are prone to breaking off. The upright growth of the hairs gives the guinea pig a hedgehog-like appearance.

The Rex Guinea Pig develops in different ways compared with other guinea pigs. Their growth lasts till they are 24 months old. They grow taller, weigh much more, have curly whiskers, also flat curly toenails have thick, and coarse wavy hair. The fur is also implanted in a way that is really recognizable. They have curls on their tummy. The tummy fur is rather thinly spread.

One of the residents right here took the effort to take photos of a Rex Guinea Pig till adulthood. The fur is really pretty not all Rex fur have exemplary as this one, many Rex’s furs will be a little bit flatter at the back part of their body.

The Rex Guinea Pig is considered a different breed. The genes for Rex-type fur texture are recessive, so special breeding is required to create lines of guinea pigs with consistently curly coats. The breed has lop ears. The toenails grow more quickly compared to in other breeds, requiring special care.

The guinea pigs with this coat type might carry either the Wavy or Rex gene. Both genes produce similar-looking coat textures, however, the furs of guinea pigs with the Rex gene are curlier as well as thicker. Generally, this Rex Guinea Pig could live up to 5 or 6 years, there are exceptions to this with some living much longer and others much shorter lives.

The Rex Guinea Pig could measure 20-40.5 cm in length. Some wild guinea pigs can be as long as a meter. The suitable age for the female guinea pig to begin breeding is at least 20 weeks of age as well as before 1 years of age and also the gestation period is between 65-72 days. 


Diet of The Rex Guinea Pig

diet of rex guinea pig

The Rex Guinea Pig will thrive on a diverse diet of pellets, timothy hay, fresh fruits and also vegetables. Avoid commercial foods with seeds, nuts, as well as dried fruit– these can be utilized as treats, however, should not be an everyday staple. Timothy Hay helps with digestion as well as dental health and also must be provided at all times.

below is a list of fresh food that is optionally healthy for Rex Guinea Pig:

  • Fruits: apple, melon, strawberries, cantaloupe, banana, and blueberries.
  • Vegetables: parsley, broccoli leaves, clover, corn, dandelion, carrots, and tomato.

Unlike most pets, guinea pigs do not make their own vitamin C as well as should get it from their diets. A lot of high-quality pellets are fortified with vitamin C, and also lots of fruits as well as veggies are also high in vitamin C. The Rex Guinea Pig with a well-balanced, varied diet is not likely to experience vitamin C deficiency, however, supplements are available.

Likewise in their diet, water is really crucial as well as paramount. This water should be clean, fresh and also need to be changed daily. This is since naturally, one would not want his/her little friend to get unwell just because of contaminated water. In addition, make sure that the water is accessed easily in the cage. However, keep in mind that during the winter season, if the Rex Guinea Pig, obtain enough water from the fresh vegetable as well as fruits, they might not drink water at all, however, once more they might drink a lot of water during the hot days.


What is the Difference Between Teddy and Rex Guinea Pig?

rex guinea pig

The Teddy and the Rex Guinea Pig looks very same, however, they have different genetic makeup. Teddy and Rex are caused by two different genes. Teddy Guinea Pig is more common than Rex in the US and also Rex Guinea Pig is more common in Europe.

Generally, the Rex Guinea Pig is often mistaken for the Teddy Guinea Pig. What differentiates them is that the rex has a harsher coat compared to the Teddy whose skin is much softer. The Rex Guinea Pig has short, fuzzy fur that stands on end over their entire body, and also is uniform in length. They have no rosettes and also their fur should not be more than half an inch.

The whiskers of the Rex are curly while the Teddy is straight. The teddy guinea pig has a more dense and also might have longer fur on their tummy. Most importantly, they are genetically different since, if you breed them with each other you will develop a different breed which could be an American short haired guinea pig most probably.


Where Should The Rex Guinea Pig Live?

rex guinea pig

A perfect place for the Rex guinea Pig is a medium cage that is kept inside. However, the cage needs to provide space for the Rex Guinea Pig to exercise daily to preserve a hale and also hearty life. Preferably plastic base cages are the best for them. However, one could use wood shavings for the floor as long as they obtain retained within. To be perfect for the Rex Guinea Pig need to ensure weekly cleaning of the cage and also a regular removal of any type of old food. Since they need everyday physical exercise, a tube or a box can be put in the cages to allow them to play as well as exercise. The exercising area should be different from the sleeping area. Also note that, in the wild, the Rex Guinea Pig tend to be much more active during at night.

For the floor of the cage, wood shavings must be utilized for the floor of the cage with some hay on the top. Fine sawdust can cause eye irritations as well as do not utilize straw as it could cause eye injuries. The cage or hutch needs to be cleaned out weekly, the indoor cages might have to be cleaned out more often, and also any kind of old food removed. If it is needed to wash the housing after that only use a cleaner specifically designed for cleaning these little pets houses. An earthenware food bowl, as well as a drinking bottle, will also be required to feed and also water the guinea pig. PigRex Guinea PigDiet of The Rex Guinea Pig,Rex Guinea Pig,What is the Difference Between Teddy and Rex Guinea Pig,Where Should The Rex Guinea Pig LiveThe Lovely Rex Guinea Pig The Rex Guinea Pig has a wide head as well as a short face. The eyes are brilliant and also quite big. The ears are petal shaped as well as droop and their bodies are fairly long. This species has a distinctive curly coat. The Rex Guinea...It's all about things you do not know about monkey, eagles, guinea pig, puppies and many more.