The Lovely Teddy Guinea Pig

teddy guinea pig

The Teddy Guinea Pig has been growing in popularity as well as a good reason they do not just do have lovely personalities, however, the community also seems to agree they warm up to individuals rather quickly. This particular guinea pig breed makes a pleasure pet for kids and also they are low maintenance.

Teddy Guinea Pig is currently fairly common and also quite popular. They can be found easily in lots of pet shops or from a breeder. The Teddy Guinea Pig is the result of a genetic mutation. It was later bred competitively, and also the Teddy became a breed recognized in 1978.

The Teddy Guinea Pig coat differs from that of other Guinea pig. It is dense, short, fuzzy and also they have no rosettes. Some are soft in texture, while others resemble a Brillo pad. Both textures are reasonable according to breed standards however, some people say that the rougher coat is favored by a lot of judges.

Teddy Guinea Pig is much shorter in length compared to a lot of other breeds. They have the same supposed Roman nose as the American Guinea Pig. This simply means that their noses are broad as well as bent.

The Teddy Guinea Pig has a short, rough,  dense as well as springy coat that stands up all over the body. The fur generally grows to a moderate length and also typically makes this breed look like a soft toy greater than any other.

An additional special feature of the Teddy Guinea Pig in the U.S.A is the fairly long fur coating on their tummies. They have a kinky, springy coat that is popular for its soft, cuddly quality, often compared to an old teddy.

The Teddy Guinea Pig lifespan ranges from 5 to 6 years as well as could extend up to 7 years under good conditions. However, larger guinea pig breeds have been known to live more than 8 years, in some cases with the oldest 11 years old.


What is the Difference Between Rex and Teddy Guinea Pig?

what is the difference between rex and teddy guinea pig?

The Rex and also the Teddy looks very same, however, they have different genetic makeup. Rex and Teddy are caused by two different genes. Rex guinea pig is more common in Europe and also Teddy guinea pig is more common than Rex in the US.

Generally, the Teddy Guinea Pig is often mistaken for the Rex Guinea Pig. What differentiates them is that the rex has a harsher coat compared to the Teddy whose skin is much softer. The Rex guinea pig has short, fuzzy fur that stands on end over their entire body, and also is uniform in length. They have no rosettes as well as their fur should not be more than half an inch.

The whiskers of the Rex are curly while the Teddy is straight. The Teddy Guinea Pig has a more dense and also might have longer fur on their tummy. Most importantly, they are genetically different since, if you breed them with each other you will develop a different breed which could be an American short haired guinea pig most probably.


How to Care for Teddy Guinea Pig and Grooming?

how to care teddy guinea pig and grooming?

It’s not a difficult task to take care of your little Teddy Guinea Pig, however, there are a couple of things that you need to remember. Although they are very warm and also cute creatures as well as do not have long fur like some other breeds, you have to set up an hour once a week to care for it. Brushing is necessary however not regularly. You can do it once in 2 weeks.

Utilizing a slick or slim brush will help remove any loose fur from the rugged coat. Some individuals prefer to go choose a cat wire brush however, I would not recommend it because you could easily hurt your pet by scratching as well as irritating the surface of their skin. If you have to utilize this, brush as carefully as you can.

Remember that Teddy guinea pig have much drier skin compared to other breeds so you might never have to give your lovely guinea pig a bath if you’re really careful. However, if you plan on bringing them outside to play, expect them to have a really occasional bath. It’s suggested not to make more than 2 baths a year. As well as, when you do give the baths, utilize special medicated shampoo recommended by a vet.

The Teddy guinea pig is known to build up a lot of earwax over time because of the nature of their ears. Simply use a warm wet towel to clean out the insides of their ears. In some cases the wax is hard to get out, you could use mineral oil.


Diet of The Teddy Guinea Pig

diet of the teddy guinea pig

The Teddy Guinea Pig will thrive on a diverse diet of pellets, timothy hay, fresh fruits and also vegetables. Avoid commercial foods with seeds, nuts, as well as dried fruit, these can be utilized as treats, however, should not be an everyday staple. Timothy Hay helps with digestion and also dental health as well as must be provided at all times.

below is a list of fresh food that is optionally healthy for Teddy Guinea Pig:

  • Fruits: apple, melon, banana, blueberries, strawberries, and cantaloupe.
  • Vegetables: parsley, tomato, carrots, broccoli leaves, clover, corn, and dandelion.

Unlike most pets, guinea pigs do not make their own vitamin C as well as should get it from their diets. A lot of high-quality pellets are fortified with vitamin C, and also lots of fruits as well as veggies are also high in vitamin C. The Teddy Guinea Pig with a well-balanced, varied diet is not likely to experience vitamin C deficiency, however, supplements are available.

Likewise in their diet, water is really crucial as well as paramount. This water should be clean, fresh and also need to be changed daily. This is since naturally, one would not want his/her little friend to get unwell just because of contaminated water. In addition, make sure that the water is accessed easily in the cage. However, keep in mind that during the winter season, if the Teddy Guinea Pig, obtain enough water from the fresh vegetable as well as fruits, they might not drink water at all, however, once more they might drink a lot of water during the hot days. PigTeddy Guinea PigDiet of The Teddy Guinea Pig,How to Care for Teddy Guinea Pig and Grooming,Teddy Guinea Pig,What is the Difference Between Rex and Teddy Guinea PigThe Lovely Teddy Guinea Pig The Teddy Guinea Pig has been growing in popularity as well as a good reason they do not just do have lovely personalities, however, the community also seems to agree they warm up to individuals rather quickly. This particular guinea pig breed makes a pleasure...It's all about things you do not know about monkey, eagles, guinea pig, puppies and many more.