Types Of Guinea Pigs Breed

types of guinea pigs breed

The Guinea pigs come along in really difficult appearance as well as behavior. Breeders have created a lot of different types of Guinea Pigs by discerning breeding to emerge some characteristics or perhaps to avoid it. Different breedings are defined by some organizations international and also for a lot of types of guinea pigs there is a consensus of determining them.

There are types of guinea pigs breeds. While care of different types of guinea pigs is essentially exactly same, but their characteristics can be different, resulting in different coat styles as well as colors. Although, all breeds originated in the Peruvian Andes and they have a lifespan ranges up to 5 to 7 years, measure 8 to 9 inches and are friendly as well as active.

There are so many people enjoy keeping guinea pigs as pets, however, did you recognize that there are more than a dozen different types of guinea pigs breed? Let’s take a quick look at several of them to help you understand all the fun and also the variety that exists within this special guinea pigs.

Below is a list of the most typical types of guinea pigs discovered as pets. This is not an all-inclusive list as well as other breeds might be available. Lots of guinea pigs could have regular or satin fur.

6 Types Of Guinea Pigs

types of guinea pigs 1

Abyssinian Guinea Pig

The Abyssinian guinea pig has high round swirls of fur all over its body and also come in different types of colors as well as satin.

types of guinea pigs 2

Coronet Guinea Pig

The Coronet guinea pig resembles the Silkie guinea pig but it has a short fur crest on its head. The fur close to the head is long fur and also lying rearwards. So it is the best combination of a Silkie as well as a Crested guinea pig.

types of guinea pigs 3

Silkie Guinea Pig

The Silkie guinea pig resembles the American guinea pig but with longer and also growing fur. The fur is lying rearwards as well as the fur on its head is fairly shorter. Silkie does not have any swirls. They come in different types of colors as well as satin.

types of guinea pigs 4

American Guinea Pig

The American guinea pig is the most common of all types of Guinea Pigs and also domesticated nearly worldwide. The American is a smooth and short fur guinea pig with a rounded body. They come in different types of colors as well as satin.

types of guinea pigs 5

Crested Guinea Pig

The Crested guinea pig has a short as well as tight fur and also have a swirl of hair on the forehead. A Crested with a white swirl and the rest of the fur a different color is known as a White Crested.

types of guinea pigs 6

Texel Guinea Pig

The Texel guinea pig does not have any swirls however it has curly hair like the Rex guinea pig in a long version. The fur on its head is short as well as curly too. The Texels have a long curly coat and also require a lot of grooming.


Diet of The Guinea Pigs

diet of guinea pigs

All types of guinea pigs don’t usually overeat, however, it is very important to provide the proper balance of pellets, hay, fresh veggies and also fruit. However, do not be surprised if you see your guinea pig eating its own feces, this is typical and also helps the guinea pig recycle required nutrients as well as minerals.

Most types of guinea pigs need:


There are several excellent pelleted guinea pig foods on the marketplace. These foods have all the ingredients required for your guinea pigs health, however, often exclude vitamin C.


The Hay is an important part of your guinea pigs diet. Hay provides the fiber guinea pigs need for digestion and also helps grind their continuously growing teeth. Without hay, guinea pigs teeth may come to be too long, which might hinder eating and also cause problems. You should not feed coarse hay that could hurt the soft tissues of the mouth or hay that is moldy or unclean.

Leafy Vegetables & Fruit

There must always be a few leafy vegetables in the feed rack at all times. The guinea pigs do not enjoy cold veggies so let them warm to space temperature before feeding them to your pet. As a treat, your pet might enjoy fresh fruit like kiwi fruit, strawberries, grapes, peaches, oranges, apricots and also melons.


The vitamin C is essential to the health of all types of guinea pigs. Guinea pigs sadly, do not make their own vitamin C and depend on getting it from their diet. The pellets, veggies, and also fruits, guinea pigs consume contain vitamin C. It is a great idea to provide guinea pigs with supplemental vitamin C, especially older guinea pigs that often do not absorb nutrients as well and also unwell guinea pigs that require the vitamin C for recovery.


The guinea pigs drink a lot of water and also a dry diet increases the need for water. Always give more water than you think your pet will need.

Foods to Avoid

Not all veggies are good for your guinea pig. Avoid spinach, peanuts, beet tops, potatoes, iceberg lettuce, onions, garlic, cabbage and don’t feed your guinea pig chocolate or candies.


The Different Types Of Guinea Pigs Cage

Several types of guinea pigs need to ideally have at least 4 square feet of living space, however, larger is even much better. Finding a commercial cage that provides that much space can be a challenge, however, you need to try to offer the largest habitat that you possibly can.

the different types of guinea pig cage

Plastic Cage

Pet shops almost everywhere sell guinea pig cages made mainly of plastic with metal bars as well as lids. Typically they’re marketed in sets with cage supplies including a water bottle and also wire rack utilized to give timothy hay. Most of these commercially marketed cages are not big enough to provide enough space for an adult guinea pig. They also typically have wire floors, which needless to say are uncomfortable and also which pose a potential risk– guinea pigs could get their little feet hurt in the gaps.

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Cubes And Coroplast (C&C) Cage

You could make a favored types of guinea pigs cage from scratch using a combination of coated wire cubes, the kind that normally serves as storage crates for the house, as well as a plastic called Coroplast. They offer guinea pigs a lot of room to roam, and also many individuals line them with felt instead of utilizing traditional bedding for a softer surface as well as simpler clean-up. The grids are kept together with basic connectors as well as reinforced with cable ties.

If you do not have any other animal in the house, you could leave your cage with an open top. However, if you do have bigger animals like dogs and also cats, you will probably need a lid. Yet, this does not mean you should purchase one. You could always make use of wire shelves.

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Aquariums were once a common way to house guinea pigs and sadly, they’re still fairly popular with people who do not do research before buying a guinea pig. Initially, an aquarium might look like an outstanding choice as a guinea pig cage since it is cheap, simple to clean, and also sturdy. Sad to say, it has disadvantages. Aside from not enabling proper air circulation because of its solid frames, it is also fairly small for one guinea pig. This means that if you get more of guinea pig, space may become a bigger issue.


The Different Types Of Guinea Pigs Bedding To Avoid

the different types of guinea pig bedding to avoid

The guinea pigs have a sensitive respiratory system as well as delicate feet, so selecting the correct types of guinea pigs bedding to cover the floor of his cage is imperative to his health. A different of bedding products available at retail today are not suitable for a guinea pig. Below is a list of the different types of guinea pigs bedding to avoid.

Straw: The straw is non-absorbent, could mold, and also the stiff stalks might cause injuries (especially eye injuries) to your guinea pig.

Corn Cob: The corn cob bedding has a tendency to mold, does not control odors and is reportedly difficult on a guinea pigs feet as well as making it a bad bedding. The guinea pigs could often eat this bedding, which reportedly swells when wet. Corn cob bedding could contribute to impaction problems in males.

Sawdust: The fine sawdust particles could be inhaled as well as cause problems (especially eye irritations) to the guinea pigs and also respiratory tract.

Cedar Shavings: It is widely believed that cedar shavings negative affect on health because of the contained aromatic oils as well as cause problems with the guinea pigs respiratory tract and also liver.

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