What Do Monkeys Eat Besides Bananas?

What Do Monkeys Eat Besides Bananas

Eating Habits of Monkeys

What do monkeys eat besides bananas? Monkeys have very high metabolisms and usually eat several times a day. While the common belief is that all monkeys love bananas, the truth is that monkeys enjoy bananas as much as they enjoy other fruits.

Monkeys have actually existed for millions of years, and there are more than 260 known monkey species in the world. Monkeys are mammals and they have a diet that will depend on where they are dwelling in the world. Some monkeys are jungle dwellers while others live closer to human habitation. Each species might have different nutritional needs.

There exist different species of monkeys. What monkeys eat varies between species and there are lots of different species, living in a wide variety of various habitats. Right now, 2 different classifications exist Old World and New World monkeys.

There are at least 78 species of Old World monkeys in 2 subfamilies the Cercopithecinae and the Colobinae. These include in this subfamily are the colobus, macaques, guenons, and patas monkeys.

The roughly 53 species of New World monkeys commonly divided into 2 families Cebidae and Callitrichidae. These include marmosets, squirrels, spiders, howlers, and capuchins monkeys. The old world monkeys are closer to primates than new world monkeys, so their diet will be different.

The majority of monkeys are omnivores and while they do eat meat. Monkeys prefer to eat fruits, seeds, and insects but they also eat vegetables. Beside inner bark, twigs, and leaves, they eat flowers and honey also. They will not reject carrion, and some species will use sticks and rocks to break open shellfish or kill small vertebrates.

Mostly all primates eat fruit, seed, and leaves. Lots of eat small prey, mostly insects, other arthropods, small animals and birds’ eggs. Sometimes this since they eat fruits that have worms and insects in them while leaving undisturbed fruit alone. For lots of monkey species, insects and worms are their main source of protein.

Wild monkeys are typically omnivores and will eat a variety of food. They eat a varied diet that consists of fruits, bird’s egg, nuts, flowers, honey, seeds, spiders, leaves, gums, small amphibians, small mammals and sometimes other monkeys.

Small lizards and insects are also a part of their diet in the wild. Sometimes they will eat blossoms and leafy things to supplement their diet. Ants and termites are a favorite snack of monkeys.

Monkeys that live in zoos are usually fed a balanced diet of fruits and vegetables, and monkey chow. Monkey Chow is a chicken-based kibble that is fortified with vitamins, nutrients, protein and minerals.

A tame monkey, on the other hand, will consume a bit different of a diet. Those in captivity will have a diet of commercially available monkey biscuits. This food could be supplemented with veggies and fruits making a well-rounded diet for those that are kept as pets.

What Do Monkeys Eat? (Old World Monkeys)

What Do Monkeys Eat (Old World Monkeys)

What do monkeys eat? (Old World monkeys) There are at least 78 species of old world monkeys in 2 subfamilies the Cercopithecinae and the Colobinae. Monkeys are also divided into fruit-eating monkeys and leaf-eating monkeys. Cercopithecines are mostly fruit-eating monkeys and Colobines are mostly leaf-eating monkeys.

The majority of old world monkeys are cercopithecines. The subfamily includes baboons, macaques, mandrills, guenons, patas, mangabeys and vervet monkeys. These are all African species except the macaques which also live in Asia and Gibraltar.

The 2nd subfamily of old world monkeys, the Colobinae includes 37 species of leaf-eating monkeys. These include the colobus of Africa, and proboscis monkeys and the South Asian langurs.

Most species of Old World monkeys are omnivores although plants form the larger portion of their diet. Different species of monkeys eat different foods. Some groups are almost eating a vegetable, on leaves, flowers, and fruit. Old World monkeys also eat insects, small vertebrates, and terrestrial snails.

Most mandrills monkeys are going to eat things such as small animals like insects, amphibians, and reptiles. But mandrills are also eating bark, plants, fruits, stems, fibers, and roots. However, they can eat a lot of different types of things including soil and mushrooms. Mandrills do like to like a variety of things and they can survive on many different things.

Baboons monkeys are known to eat meat and will hunt rabbits, small antelopes, and birds like the guinea fowl. Few species eat meat, but baboons will hunt the babies of larger animals if an easy opportunity arises.

Douc langurs monkeys eat leaves and other plant parts as their primary diet. But they also like fruits, insects, seeds, and flowers.

Lots of people wonder if Monkeys need to drink water. Spider monkeys do not like water but they still drink it. The leaves and the fruits that they consume in their natural environment contain lots of water. They consume it mainly from what they eat. But some species have been known to go drink water from streams and rivers.

What Do Monkeys Eat? (New World Monkeys)

What Do Monkeys Eat (New World Monkeys)

What do monkeys eat? (New World monkeys) The diet of the New World monkeys depends upon species. The New World Monkeys are divided into 2 families Cebidae and Callitrichidae and 4 subfamilies of primates that are found in Central and South America: Cebinae, Aotidae, Pitheciidae, and Atelidae.

The are at least 53 species of New World Monkeys living in the tropical forests of Southern Mexico, South America, and Central. New World monkeys are mainly arboreal and mostly herbivorous.

The Callitrichidae which include tamarins and marmosets. The favorite food of tamarins and marmosets is carbohydrate rich tree sap which they reach by gnawing holes in trunks. Some tamarin species eat flower nectar too. The smaller marmosets venture into the extremely top of forest canopies to hunt insects that are plentiful there.

The Cebidae are generally very resourceful when it comes to hunting food. For example, capuchin monkeys venture out of the trees to hunt clams, crabs and other small animals in mangrove swamps. They also hunt large insects and collect birds eggs in the trees as well as eating fruit and leaves. Some capuchin groups collect palm nuts, dry them out over several days and break them with rocks or sticks to get at the food inside.

These new world monkeys are arboreal, meaning they travel and live in the trees rather than on the ground. They eat leaves, gums, nuts, fruits, and occasional small prey such as insects.

Most of the New World monkeys are in the family Cebidae which is typically subdivided into 4 subfamilies:

  • Cebinae that include capuchin and squirrel monkeys

          Diet: Frugivore-insectivores, but some will eat anything available.

  • Aotidae that include titi and night monkeys

          Diet: Folivorous

  • Atelidae that include spider, woolly and howler monkeys

          Diet: Frugivorous, but brachyteles may be responsible for its more folivorous diet.

  • Pitheciidae that include sakis, titis, and uakaris

          Diet: Frugivores, ‘seed predators;’ uakari eats unripe fruit- really just opens it to obtain the seeds

What Do Monkeys Eat? (Baby Capuchin Monkey)

What Do Monkeys Eat (Baby Capuchin Monkey)

What do baby capuchin monkeys eat? Baby capuchin monkeys could be fed human baby formula from a bottle. As they grow older, the consistency could be thickened with ground monkey biscuits and human baby rice the better your monkey will eat them as an adult. Monkey biscuits are essential to having a healthy primate.

As soon as your baby is ready for solid foods he can eat pieces of monkey biscuits and vegetables and chopped fruits. Baby monkeys love to feed on the bottle and could be difficult to wean.

Baby capuchins monkey kept as pets are fed a variety of foods including monkey chow, baby food, and table food but must have regular blood screenings done to closely monitor cholesterol, glucose, and other chemistry values, just like humans.

Capuchins monkeys in the wild will eat flowers, fruit, small birds, nuts, bugs and more. Mimicking their natural diet in captivity is difficult and lots of pet capuchins develop diabetes because of improper nutrition, regardless of many owners knowing much better.

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